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Project for Polish Post


We are pleased to inform that Hyper Poland completed the project titled "Optimization of the process and logistics system of Polish Post in the perspective of the implementation of the new means of transport - Hyperloop." The project received funding from the government program Scale UP through the accelerator GammaRabels powered by Poczta Polska (Polish Post). The result of the cooperation was to design a Hyperloop vehicle dedicated to Polish Post, to design a vacuum transport infrastructure and a loading system. The results are very optimistic, the introduction of tubular transport technology for consignments will drastically reduce the cost of transport and significantly reduce the transport cycle time. Such a solution would allow customers to receive a package ordered the same day anywhere in Poland without additional charges.

"By implementing the project, which fits in the pillars of Polish Post's strategy, we have jointly proved that world-class innovations can start in an enterprise whose tradition reaches 459 years" - said Krzysztof Tabiszewski, former CEO of Hyper Poland.

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