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16.5 mln PLN for the Polish hyperloop


We are proud to announce that we have obtained funding in the amount of PLN 16.5 million from the National Center for Research and Development in the Fast Track business competition.

Funds from the NCRD will be used for research and development on motors and suspension, in all three stages of development of the hyperloop technology. We will also build benches and test linear motor and magnetic levitation. In a further stage, in Żmigród, Poland, on land belonging to the Railway Institute, we will build a full-scale prototype of the magrail vehicle and a test track over 500 meters long, on which it will be able to accelerate to 300 km/h.

"Thanks to co-financing, R&D works necessary for the development of the hyperloop magnetic technology will be accelerated significantly. We will be able to build a full-sized test track. In addition, we will buy the necessary equipment and enlarge our team with outstanding specialists. The grant from the NCRD will enable us to complete the research and development work on the motor and suspension of the magrail system and the transition to certification and pilot implementations." says Przemysław Pączek, CEO of Hyper Poland.

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